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[collapsed title=The Pathways Consultation Process]

CONSULTATION PROCESS - Depending on how you enroll in the PPSE program, will determine how your consultative support is provided.


I.     The Educational System Consultation Process: Enrollment purchased through a school system

When a School system or Organization purchases the PPSE program for the students they serve, the guidance counselors will provide all coorespondance and interaction with students and families.

II.    The Pathways Consultation Process: Enrollment purchased by an individual and with additional individualized options

*****     In addition to the on-line component, individualized consultative services are available by PPSE staff. *****

During the initial evaluation, consideration will be given to the following areas via phone consultation or by home consultation if you live in Erie or the surrounding area:

  • Preview of high school transcripts inclusive of classes and grades. Attendance and school discipline history. It will be very important to complete the release of information waiver and submit it with your online application. This release of information form will be returned to your school guidance office.
  • Please Submit all test scores (PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP) for review.
  • During our consultation, we will determine if the client qualifys for a college fee waiver and tuition waiver assistance.
  • Extra Curricular and Personal Activities
  • Special Talents – Artistic, Athletic, etc.
  • Class Rank and GPA
  • Classes taken the following year
  • Activity resume will also be discussed
  • The student’s accomplishments and weakness are addressed.
  • Student Improvement plans will also be discussed if needed.
  • The Completion of the NCAA Clearing House will be discussed if the student plans on participating in division I or II Sports
  • NAIA Completion if your child plans on participating in an NAIA sports program.
  • Student and parents will also apply for their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Pin Number. This number will play a very important role when it's times to sign your financial aid paper work.

Recommendations are made to enhance the academic and personal high school experience for the student and a customized plan is formulated based on the student’s needs and abilities.[/collapse]

[collapsed title=College Search]

College Search

Students and parents: there are many factors that determine which college would be the best choice and fit for you. Tuition, room and board costs, school size, location, activities, etc. all play a key role in determining which school would be best for you. Students often make the mistake of choosing a college because of the prestige attached to it. Often times, without researching their college or university, students after being admitted find their career ideals and major are not offered at that particular school, and the complete college process must now start over. Pathways to Post-Secondary Education assists each student with a workshop that will help them research each college or university they may be interested in attending. Later the list can be narrowed based on the student’s preferences and what they can afford to pay. With today’s economy, it’s really becoming more difficult to land that full scholarship. That’s why it’s important to complete your research and have a "safe" school in case you don’t land that big scholarship to have to pay the cost. A safe school is a college or university you can afford with or without a scholarship.[/collapse]

[collapsed title=College Visits]

College Visits

Students and families are encouraged to visit suitable colleges to assist them in narrowing their choices. During this process, you can continue to rely on educated advice from Pathways to Post-Secondary Education. So while you may be very excited about college, keep in mind all the cost that comes along with it. If you have a list of ten schools you are interested in but don’t have the money to visit them, you may want to start thinking about a local college or university.[/collapse]

[collapsed title=Student Activity Resume]

Student Activity Resume

Students submit a questionnaire containing information on college activities, extracurricular activities, community service, sport, employment [part-time, after school and summer employment], academic awards and honors, summer enrichment programs, internships, hobbies, and interests. The information is reviewed and special considerations that may have influenced the student’s performance are noted.[/collapse]

[collapsed title=Special Talents]

Special Talents

Students with special talents such as artists, musicians, athletes, etc. receive advice on presenting a complete resume that may include portfolios or audiotapes.[/collapse]

[collapsed title=Personal Essays]

Personal Essays

Ideas are developed, brainstorming topics are exercised, and consideration is given to writing style. The goal is to teach the student to pay particular attention to positive outcomes leading to well written essays that present their best aspects and are reflective of the student. Whenever necessary, re-writes are recommended until essays are produced that call attention to the stronger characteristics that will make the student stand out among thousands.[/collapse]

[collapsed title=Letters of Recommendation]

Letters of Recommendation

Advice is given on the most appropriate people to write the student’s letters of recommendation, what subjects to choose from, and how many letters are needed.[/collapse]

[collapsed title=The College Interview]

The College Interview

The Pathways to Post Secondary Education Program, LLC gives advice and instruction on how to approach the College Interview, how to strategize, and how to prepare for it. We give you and your parents a list of questions you should be asked during the interview. [/collapse]

[collapsed title=Submitting Your College Applications and Supporting College Documentation]

Submitting Your College Applications and Supporting College Documentation

Information is availalbe to help you ensure your questions are answered correctly and completely including essays and optional questions that may be asked. [/collapse]

[collapsed title=Contact]


Every student has the guarantee from Pathways to Post-Secondary Education, LLC for continuous support throughout the process as questions and concerns arise. Depending on the program you purchase, access to your school guidance counselor or pathways guidance counselor will be availabe to answer questions throughout the entire year. Our program provides information and activities for each month throughout the year, not just during school. That means you have access to this important information even when your school counselor is on summer break.  

We are here for you when no one else is.[/collapse]

[collapsed title=NCAA Clearing House]

NCAA Clearing House

For students that plan on participating in division I or II sports, you must register with the NCAA and meet certain grades to be eligible to participate in sports at the college or university of your choice. If you plan on going to an NIAI or division III school, there are not NCAA requirements for those schools. However, you will have to meet certain eligibility guidelines at those schools. Course requirments and needed grades are listed so you know exactly what you need to participate in division I or II sports.[/collapse]

[collapsed title=College Award Letter]

College Award Letter

This is a letter that spells out how much aid you will be awarded for attending the school you applied for. After receiving this information from all the schools you applied to is when students and their parents should start the process of elimination. Your EFC (expected family contribution) is a determining factor for how much aid you will receive. The Award letter will list every type of financial aid that the student has been approved for, Scholarships (campus based or Sports Based), State and Federal Grants, SEOG Grants (Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant),Student and Parent Loans, College Work Study on campus and off campus and how much you are expected to pay out of pocket.[/collapse]

[collapsed title=College Financial Aid Complete Process]

College Financial Aid Complete Process

Students and their parents are taken through the complete process of completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to ensure all documents are completed correctly and deadlines are met. When completing the on-line FAFSA you establish a pin number for the student and parent(s).This number will be used for your online signature when you complete your financial aid in early January. A thorough explanation of various loans, grants, scholarships and awards are included in this program to ensure your out-of-pocket expense is reduces as much as possible. 


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