Why Pathways?

Improve Options.

Improve your options of being accepted to the college/university of your choice. You can work with a pathways counselor to make yourself a stronger candidate over time to identify promising college options and to create the best application you can.

Save Time.

Don't wade through dozens of books and websites. Your pathways counselor can answer common questions and connect you with the resources you actually need.

Reduce Stress.

In addition to offering structure and clarity during this confusing process, your pathways counselor can also serve as a much-needed buffer between stressed out students and parents.

Step by Step Guidance Through the Financial Aid Process and More.

Your Pathways counselor will assist you with the completion of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). If you live in Erie or the surrounding area, a pathways counselor will meet with you and complete all financial paper work; if you live out of state, this process will be done online. Your pathways counselor will complete all FAFSA paper work and forward it to you for approval and then submit it for processing to the federal government. All State Grant information for PHEAA will also be completed in a timely manner.

Rejected Students

Nothing feels worst than getting rejected by something you want really bad. In this case, I’m specifically talking about that dreaded thin letter you get in the mail from colleges you applied to. Most often thin letters like these always have some bad news. You open it, your heart skips a beat, and you get the bad news. “Thanks for your interest in XYZ university, we regretfully have to inform you that your application for admissions has been declined.” That college rejection letter really hurts, and it hurts more if you get one from every college you applied to. By agreeing to work with pathways, we will not stop until you have been accepted into a college or university of your choice. Here’s the good news, you still have options and we will continue to assit you.

College Acceptance: Know That You Are Accepted Even Before You Apply.

Our Pathways team of counselors will review your high school transcripts and help you identify areas that need to be improved before you even apply to your selected school. Research on your school and major will start once you have paid the fee of $675. By the time this process is complete, you will have a clear understanding of being accepted or not.

Learn What Your First Year of College Would Be Like Before You Step a Foot on Campus.

Gain an understanding of what will be expected of you before classes even began and what the school year will be like.

Wait Listed Students.

Students that has been placed on a wait list will be given guidance and improvement plans and learn what they need to do to get accepted into the college or university of their choice.

NAIA and NCAA Clearing House.

Students that are interested in competing at the next level in college and play sports must first register and meet certain guidelines to play division I or II or III Sports. At Pathways, we will make sure all requirements are a part of your college process. If you plan to participant in NAIA sports, your pathways counselor will assist you in completing all needed documentation and paper work. All documentation will be process and submitted to the proper eligibility center.

SAT and ACT Information.

Students will learn when and where to take the SAT or ACT and which college will accept the test scores. Students will further learn how to complete the application packet and meet important deadlines in their state.

College Essays.

Students will learn the importance of writing an effective essay with their college application. Our professional staff will edit your essay to make sure it meets the school you are applying to standards.

Campus Life.

Students will be given a complete overview of what is expected of them during their first year of college and beyond.

8th Grade Through 12th Grade Student Action Plans.

Each grade level will be provided with at the very least high school and college bound workshop. If a student participates in four to five years, they would have collected a total of 100 to 150 workshops that would address all of their college and financial aid needs.

College Fee Waiver Assistance.

Program participants that meet certain guidelines can receive up to ten college fee waivers that will cover the cost of the program participant college application fee regardless of the price. All fee waivers must be approved by the college or university you are applying to. In no way will pathways pay the cost of your college application.

College Tuition Waiver Assistance.

Program participants that meet certain guidelines can receive one college tuition waiver to secure their place in the incoming freshmen class of the college or university they plan on attending. All tuition waivers must be approved by the college or university you are applying to attend. In no way will pathways will cover the cost of your tuition deposit. Students that may have some form of hardship may also qualify. Hardships can be a number of situations students and/or their family may have faced this past year: loss of family income, high medical bills, etc.

There is so much more information that will be given to our clients over the period that they are involved in our program. The above list is just a small amount of the services we offer at Pathways.



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